Chiang Mai, THAILAND

Established  2012
Frequency  Annual
Next Festival Feb 1st-8th '15    
Festival Director Ryan Libre


The city of Chiang Mai is blessed with two photo festivals.

First came the Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival, a week long festival celebrating the best of Documentary Photography and film from Asia.

Then the whole city wanted to get involved, so we started F/28 - the Chiang Mai Month of Photography, which is open to the whole spectrum of photography.

Both are in February and together blanket much of this beautiful historic city in photography exhibitions and events. In '14 the opening party had over 500 people attending & produced 40 printed exhibitions in 22 different venues, plus 8 film screenings, 5 workshops, 2 photobook showcases and a week of large outdoor slideshows and presentations.

Check out the sites and come to Chiang Mai in February.   

The biggest dates are Feb 1,2,4,8,16,22 & 28

CDAF & F/28 are directed by Documentary Arts Asia